God Calls You Home

08 Sep

If Jesus called you home today, would you, like Paul be confident that you lived well until the end?

This question really made me think today. God does not require us to have a perfect life in order to serve him. He knows His children are not perfect, He expects us to live by His word no matter how the world we live may be.

My spiritual path started a couple years ago and today I can wholehearted say, “I think and speck differently.”

There are still many things that I’m trying to work on. One of my things is not wanting to help everyone in the same way. How can one help those who are ungrateful and look down on you? Doesn’t it come a point where you have to stop being used and degraded by those types. And of course there are other things because I’m not perfect.

Every year, even day to day, I notice a change in myself. But with every new change, it’s very easy to change back. Those times when you don’t even have to think about and just do the right thing; that’s when you know you’re ready.


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Posted by on September 8, 2015 in God, Jesus, Kingdom of Most High, The World


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