Putting Conditions on Your Helping

27 Aug

Don’t put conditions on your helping hands. I dislike when people say, “Well I will get blessed if I do this or that.” It’s the same as someone saying, “I can write that off on my taxes.”

So many can’t just help or love without expecting something in return. There must be benefits and if that person can’t benefit from it then they put a time limit on how long they are willing to help.

Sometimes no matter how hard you work, people can’t see past what you’re not doing.
What does one do when you’re told I can’t help you anymore? (No more roof over your head) and why? Just because they can, just because it’s their house, their roof and they have to make room for something or nothing. It can be understandable, but I don’t know where I would be today if God would have put a limit on how long he would help me. Or if God would tell me, “I want my house back, you must leave.” God sees how hard we work and do and provides us according to what we need.

When you let someone in your home and all they do is sit around and mess up what you have, then yes, it’s alright to get to a breaking point. If you’ve done all you can. Have you done all you can?
*Have you sat them down and had a deep conversation?
*Have you tired to point them in the right direction?
*Have you offered to take them with you to church?
If after doing all you know what to do and nothing has changed, it’s time to put them in the Lords hands and let them go.
Let’s change it up a bit now, what if someone had a drop in income and had to leave their home and couldn’t find another place right away. You let them into your home to provide a roof. They go to work and take care of their own as always and they respect your house. They are having a tough time finding another place to call home, and don’t want to make the wrong choice. Sure they’ve over stayed their welcome but you’re just giving a helping hand. The same way  God helps you.
Would you put that person or family out? If you just want your house back to yourself. Even though you know they’re trying.
What if God took your house away from you.

God helps those who help themselves. So do the same. The true blessing comes from helping without conditions of selfishness and helping; knowing that you helped until you knew that person/people were ok.


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One response to “Putting Conditions on Your Helping

  1. Melissa

    August 27, 2015 at 11:36 am

    The Lord is at hand.
    ​Have no anxiety about anything.
    Philippians 4:5-6


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