I Need You

29 Sep

September 29, 2014

Don’t Just Want You; I Need You

I fall in love with You more and more each day, the more I open my heart and mind, I don’t have to search anymore; The love I’ve always needed and wanted has been right here. Inside me, you are in me, the me I had lost coming into this crazy world. Years I’ve spent trying to find You (Me) again and now after thirty years, I’m getting closer. I cry tears of joy over Your Love because it’s mind blowing and amazing how through all my mistakes, You are still by my side.

Matthew 6:25-33.
“Jesus, I need you. I can’t do life without you. Jesus, you are not just an idea, a list of dos and don’ts, a doctrine, or a cause. I need you and I want you! I want to know you so well that I know you better than I know anyone—my family, my friends, my closest friend—even myself. I want you to be with me right here, right now. I long to be able to sit next to you, to spend time in your presence, and to ask you questions that flood my mind and my heart. I want to be able to run to you, lay my head on your shoulder, pour out my heart to you, and have you put your arms around me and speak truth to me—even the hard truth. I need your help, your grace, your mercy. I can’t do life alone.”

Questions to Ponder:
Are you happy and joyful? Are you doing the will of God? He speaks to each of us all the time. Are you listening? What is He calling for you to do now? What are His reminders? His warnings? His urgings? Will you obey or continue to go your own way?

There is alway a lessen to learn, through the pain, sorrow, through happiness, there is always a lesson being taught. Don’t get mad and feel like God is being mean to you, Know that He is only trying to make you see and better you. (Let Him use You) You can help so much in so many ways if you can just take time to think, what would Jesus do? If only one, you can me the one to help that one person today, open your heart and use your gifts that The Lord has given you. No matter what you’re going through, think about how you want to be remembered…


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