Rest in God

28 Sep

“What are a few things that you find security in?

I know for myself there are many things even people I take security in, but surely it’s a very huge question I need to ask myself; would I have enough faith to be apart from what I find security. I fear the worst, which is normal but I should have enough faith to know that no matter what, I will be alright because my Father in Heaven has my back. In him I will always be safe and I know this for a fact. See I’m not just going off of nothing, I am speaking from life experiences; which God has shown me why He is the only one I should fear and He is in Control and I can do all things through His name.
What can you surrender and trust to God and believe that He will accomplish even as you rest?

One must pray and then leave all that worry and fear with The Lord, know that He will work it out for you. Remember that it may not be when you want but it will be right on time. You may feel as if He missing your prayer but know He is always working in your favor.
Rest knowing that Christ is watching and He has sent down his angels to cover, comfort and protect you.


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Posted by on September 28, 2014 in Believe, Faith, God, Kingdom of Most High, Prayer


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