He Allowed Me To See

17 Aug

August 17, 2014

Now I See

God allowed me to See,
All that should be important to me.
Through life changing situations; He showed me how he had control and by sparing my life, how can I not believe.

I may have to live the rest of my life with my body in pain without a cure; but so many have lost their lives, how can I complain.

Every time I worry, have a fear, no money, no hope, He provides, He shows and proves how wrong I was. Why do I still worry and have fear, when clearly I know I am in God hands. Why break my back trying to have more, when He gives me just the right amount [never worry about money; when you living right] Do not be greedy, think of what you really need before concerning about the things that you want. I just want God to continue loving me.

God allowed me to see that; it’s a waste of energy trying to do what others do too you. Just because they are doing wrong towards you; you have to do right towards God. That was a breakthrough experience when I realized I was getting nothing from it and I was only digging a hole deeper for myself. I went up on the wisdom scale that day.

With being completely honest with myself and others; I feel one more step closer to Him. God knows and sees all, so there’s no point in hiding.

I may not have it all together or figured out, but my life is full of lessons learned. It’s not easy; very tough and difficult living life with a chronic illness. At times it feels like God is pulling me up; while the devil is pulling me down by my pain. But I must not lose sight of God, keeping my eyes on Him as I endure the storms of my life.

God opens my eyes every morning and throughout the day he gives me a reason to smile.



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