Talking About Pain

16 Apr

April 16, 2014

Talking About Pain

How many times, instead of turning to God in prayer, do we turn to other people, thinking that telling them all about what happened will comfort us, but it doesn’t?

How many times have you just wanted someone or people to talk too and express your pain to?

This message today is one I really have to work on, I’m growing more into that comfort zone of talking and praying to the Lord more, it’s so nice to talk to at least one person that will talk back to you and say they understand and you are not crazy.
I must admit I pray but I think I haven’t been praying on the right things at the right time. And I forget to pray for myself, or there are times I feel I pray for me too much and forget to put the ones I love in prayer.
This year so far I had no other choice but to turn to God. After a huge stressful fight, I was alone and felt I had no one to turn too. I didn’t try to find someone, didn’t think to pick up a phone because this situation was too personal. With having fibromyalgia you all know that getting upset, being stressed etc… Causes your body major pain, and I was hurting from head to toe, and I had nothing to relieve my pain. I laid in bed crying and I began to pray to God. Because I know I am never alone, he is with me and watches over me. I asked God to comfort me and soon I was calmed and fell asleep.
Now even though I prayed and had that moment, the pain was still in my heart and I still felt the need to tell someone what happened. I needed to get it out, the full story. I have so much on my mind and heart that it gets crazy in my head, that’s one reason I began writing. But there’s time where it doesn’t beat voicing the story with your mouth, and once I’m able to tell my full story of what happened; I’m okay. Once I’m okay I can move on but the pain that was caused, the damage has been done and I’m scarred for life.
All I can hope is that God sees my progress and I continue to become closer to him and able to keep more of my pain between Him and I.


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