Perfect Heart For God

23 Mar

March 23, 2014

Perfect Heart For God

“In 2 Chronicles 16:9, we see God is searching to and fro for someone whose heart is perfect toward Him. The Scripture does not say He is looking for someone with a perfect performance, but rather someone with a perfect heart—a heart desiring to please Him.”

I know I am no where near being perfect, but I know I love The Lord. And I may have cried out to him over the years asking him “Why Me?” But later everything seems to have a reason or purpose for happening. Yeah you can try and read more into it and say it just happened, but for me it feels better and easier to think things happened to get me somewhere, to get me through something, so I could meet someone. Also that goes for my choices, even though I’ve made choices that I felt was wrong, God has always helped me make them right, I just have to choose to do so.
I would have to say I think my heart is semi-good right now. God may see it different, but I still have trust issues, anger, sadness and hurt in my heart; which makes me feel kind of dark at times [scares me.] I’m still a working progress and I pray God knows my heart and sees my progress.
I’m working on my greater mission in my life, I see it being more than getting a job, waiting for a check, sitting around feeling down, or allowing the pain in my body to completely stop me. God is slowly healing me from the inside out. Starting with my mind, since I’ve focused more on Gods word, I’ve been thinking and looking at my situations in life with new eyes. My heart is strong and I love hard, when someone I love hurts me it kills me, breaks me down. I’m broken, but I know I need to take all the love I have and put it into loving Christ. As hard as I love someone else, I should be loving my Lord that much more with even more passion. [with my whole heart]
People may want to judge or take me as a joke, but it’s people like me that Gods searching for and working on.


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