Rest with God

01 Mar

February 26, 2014

Rest with God

“Lord, teach me how to enter your holy rest while I wait on you to work in my life.”

After just two days of getting up and being out on the road, getting in and out the car etc… I am out of it and in need for rest. I dislike when I’m out and I’m saying in tired and no one believes me because they are all like, what have you done? You did nothing today, you’re too young to be tried.
Then I learned something new about myself, that I can get up on a tall bed and get off. One I’m too short and it takes all my energy getting down, then back up, especially when my body is stiff.

It’s nothing like being at your own home and relaxing in peace and quiet. I’ve learned that you don’t have to over work or work yourself to death, if you only take the time to be smarter with how you work and what you do with your money. Try not to make things harder for yourself, and remember God sees and knows it’s not how much you do, it’s what you do that matters.
Always find that time in your day to shut off everything that will be detracting an just talk with The Lord. Pray read the bible and other inspiring books and just find peace in Gods word.
There’s not a better feeling being in peace and relaxation. I love that feeling of joy, happiness and peace when I’m all alone, no need for anything or anyone.

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