We Are Blessed

29 Jan

January 29, 2014

I Am Blessed

I’m blessed for many reasons but let’s start with the fact that, God kept me here when I could’ve died.
I’m blessed to have people who don’t just say they love and care about me, they show it in their actions towards me. And most importantly I have Gods love and his love alone is all I need, it took me a very long time to grow to understand that; that having someone else around is just a bonus a gift so to speak, but not a necessity. I am blessed to have the help I have, too be able to get through my life because it’s mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting, living with a mental and chronic illness.
One is not just blessed for certain things, you have to look at everything in your life, people, job, material items. You are blessed to have everything you have, know at anytime God could take that all away and not as a punishment, but as a lesson. You must learn to be thankful and grateful for all. I’m able to comprehend many different sides to any situation, therefore I am able to find the blessing in all.
THERE IS ALWAYS A BLESSING HIDDEN, you have to open your eyes and heart to see.
There are still moments throughout the day where I want to cry, but know that’s alright. Tears never made anyone weak, you have to flush that emotion out some how, in order to feel happiness. I AM FINDING WHO GOD HAD MEANT FOR ME TO BE;ME.
It’s a blessing in itself that God created you and you are here, you are not just here to die; you’re here to live. SO LIVE! No matter what it takes make sure you live your life for you, if you are better to yourself you can then be better for the people you love.
TODAY: Pick one thing you love about yourself; anything. Write it down and place it somewhere you will see it over and over. If at anytime to forget or feel down about yourself read that one thing you wrote down, and remember you love yourself for that.

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