The Role Faith Plays

24 Jan

January 23, 2014

The Role That Faith Plays

Today’s Prayer:
“Lord, when this world becomes a fearful place, give me faith. When I am filled with uncertainty and doubt, give me faith. In the dark moments, help me to remember that You are always near and that You can overcome any challenge. And, in the joyous moments, keep me mindful that every gift comes from You. In every aspect of my life, Lord, and in every circumstance, give me faith. Amen”

The role faith plays in my life:
Faith plays somewhat a huge part in my life, but not nearly enough. I need to have faith a lot more, remember that it’s ok to get upset or sad but I have to be able to have faith to turn those emotions around, change them into hope and believe if I put it all in Gods hands, that he has it taken care of. I am working on relaxing, talking to God more, asking him to help me calm down and remove the anger from my heart and mind. I am still much a working progress, but I am proud to say I am making progress. On this road of “recovery” my thoughts don’t keep me from sleep any longer, or keep me up all night into the morning. I am now waking uparound 6-6:30 every morning faithfully and have discovered a new habit; the habit of bettering myself, reassuring myself that God loves me. I wake with a peaceful mood and look forward to the message The Lord will give me for that day. Even with pain I seem to move with ease with God on my mind, it makes me stronger. I PUT MY TRUST IN HIM. I’m emotional this morning because I don’t think the people I know personally, that really truly know me, know this feeling I feel now. When you get all up in Gods word, there is no way you can not feel something and look at the world and not want to be closer to God. The people that say they know me, would never know that these words come from me, would never see me as been able to speak the gospel. Many of my family feel some type of way because I have removed myself from their lives and stay away, but it’s not that I don’t love them, it’s just they don’t better my life, they stress my life. And they don’t want to know my life because they’re concerned or because of love, they want to be noisy and question everything. They try and find your weakness just as the devil does and tell you what you should be doing, how and why. When I see them I say hi, and I talk if I’m around them because like I said I love them all, but they are not on my top five list or something. God is first and foremost before anything and anybody. I truly believe I am protected by his love. The devil is so mad, he keeps trying to get me but God won’t let him have me.

“Loving and caring God, forgive me for thinking wrong thoughts and for allowing wrong feelings to determine my attitude. I ask You, in the name of Jesus, to help me believe Your Word and to entertain positive thoughts. Amen.”


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