Asking God

24 Jan

January 24, 2014

Asking God

Prayer for Today:
“Lord, You are the giver of all things good. When I am in need, let me come to You in prayer. You know the desires of my heart, Lord; grant them, I ask. Yet not my will, Father, but Your will be done. Amen”

The most important things that I need to ask God today is, Lord give me STRENGTH-to continue to be strong, on hold and pray in my time of need. Give me PATIENCE- being able to wait on You Heavenly Father to guide me in the right directions, and not be quick tempered. Give me HEALTH- keep my body from any sickness or harm, give me the will to better my life in order to better my health. Give me FORGIVENESS- help me let go of all the anger and hurt I have and not only forgive others but forgive myself. Give me HEART- restore my heart Lord, make light what has become darken, heal the the hole in it to be filled with only love. I ask you Lord to give me Your Love so that the devil will not try and creep into that darkest part of me that I’m trying to bring to light.
My hope is to recovery the purest of my soul and restore my spirit, fore I am in “rehab” every day. There are not just twelve steps, there are as many steps as I have to take to get that much closer to God. I will walk with one or twelve, even none if I have to as long as I’m walking with Jesus; I know I’m walking the right way. -Kerra Melissa Pridgen

**”In Luke 2:40 we are told that as a child, Jesus grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace (favor and spiritual blessing) of God was upon Him. This verse contains everything we need to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and successful in our Christian walk.”-Joyce Meyer**

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