The Generation The World

19 Jan
The Generation The World

January 19, 2014

The Generation/The World

The ones that are in their early twenties right now, they still have a chance, only if they would listen to the wise. Trying new things are not always needed, us adults once tried the same stuff, and we are now trying to explain to you youngsters that it’s not worth it. The same crap that they are trying we been there done that, look what we went through to get where we are, some of us still trying to get where we want. Still some of us are trying to make our dreams come true because our choices slowed us down. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so think about that. If you are taking a picture of yourself with a blurt in your hand, smoke coming from your mouth. You live in a state where it is illegal to have, yet you post in on the internet for the world to see. Now what does that picture say about you? What does that picture say to your future? If the company you hope to work for one day, or went for an interview for was to look at your Facebook, Instagram etc… What would that show them, why would they want to hire you by the way you promote yourself online. And yes some company’s do check that these days, you have to be mindful of this. You go for a job that you have to have a drug test done, and wonder why you didn’t get that call back. And what you do, get down on yourself, want to party, want to say F’ it and roll up some more. You keep limiting your choices by your actions. It’s very sad that these youngsters want to learn the hard way, and think they know everything, got it all figured out. They want to say well you do it, not understanding that this is my life, I can do what I want because I’ve paid my dues. I’ve been to hell and back I can live my life the way I want. Was just trying to help you from having to take that ride through hell, before you realize you were going the wrong way.
It’s great to have fun and live & love life, it’s some things you should keep to yourself, everybody doesn’t have to know. Isn’t it enough that God sees and knows. We have kids that aren’t ready for this world, ones who are doing too much too fast and ones who aren’t doing anything or enough. Parents don’t raise children anymore, they have them, become friends with them, order them around, and abuse them. Teach them all the wrong things in life, and sad truth is because that’s all they know themselves. Kids don’t have the wise elder grandparents to sit down with and just listen to their stories and learn. We don’t have enough praying grandmothers left, or enough nurturing mothers. People don’t know how to slow down and find time, they’re too busy working, too busy spending the money they worked for, too busy needing time to themselves, too busy trying to help others before they help the ones in their own home. Too busy concerned about the ways of the world, instead of concerned about their own family, flesh & blood. Too busy trying to show and tell people about the false prophets and false religions. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about it, I can’t say that enough, you too busy trying to prove who is wrong. How about just talk about who is right… GOD why give the devil the attention that he wants. Forget about him, he will be there always but I want God so strong in my heart that the devil can not get in, I won’t allow him into my thoughts, into my soul or spirit he is not welcome. I don’t care what those “famous” people are doing, I don’t see them as I walk my streets, they don’t pay my bills, they don’t wake me up in the morning, they don’t get me through my day, are through my storms. My God does. Stop speaking all that craziness into existence. Why you worried about them, what have they done for you? Remember no matter if it’s good or bad if you talking about them or anyone you find a problem with, you still doing them a favor because you still have their name in your mouth, in your thoughts. GIVE GOD THE GLORY, THE POWER. I PRAISE HIM, IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
©2014 Kerra Melissa Pridgen

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