Speak, Think & Talk Only of God

16 Jan

January 16, 2014

Speak, Think & Talk Only of God

I only what to focus on what God wants me to focus on. God tells me not to touch that one tree, but I can have my share of all the rest, I am happy. Let me be free and listen to my father, I don’t need to put any energy into knowing about all this crazy shit others are doing because I know what I’m doing, trying to be closer to God. I am trying to restore myself mentally and some of this demonic shit gets into my soul and messes with my spirit. God saves me and he didn’t want me to worry myself with all that. As long as I am following Him I don’t care what anyone else is doing over there, or anywhere. I only want to speak of Gods word, I only want Gods word spoken to me. What anyone else is doing is none of my concern. I let them live their life the way they want and as long as it’s not affecting my household I’m good. I don’t give two cents what celebrities are doing or who they follow. I follow The Lord and my God is bigger and stronger than it all.

#sickofhearingaboutit #devilisaliar #iamnotaffected #Godgotme #themdamvideosmakemesick #peoplequestioneverythingthesedays ##worryaboutyourself #getright #makesureyourlifeisinorder #GodisGood

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