10 Jan
December 2, 2013 10:00am
Stronger Than the Pain
Yes this morning I over ruled the pain, I rose and dropped down onto my knees; yes I said onto my knees, and though I felt the aching I prayed and as I prayed I felt nothing. I endured the pain of pressing my knees to the floor, I humble myself to thee. I want The Lord to know I am slowly seeing things better & clearer everyday. I’ve grown from my wrongs & mistakes, I am a believer I get blessed every day through this pain. Many get blessed with this or that and call it a blessing; I see those as gifts from god, but I get blessed by God everyday on a more deeper level. That what some of you are calling a blessing today; could be gone tomorrow. Be blessed by everything & know through the pain you can also be blessed. If not for the pain in …my life I would not know the healing of God, because I would not know the difference in the feeling. A lot of times I felt that God must be punishing me, but I had to turn and really look at myself and at the choices I was making. I was headed down a harmful path with no one really trying to stop me, I had to figure out how to stop myself. Every year of my life the pain got worst and worst, I needed all this to happen to me for me to slow down and realize I needed to follow the path not lighted by darkness but follow the path lighting my way. And this path is not smooth, it is very bumpy and those bumps hurt but I would rather take a ten dollar check from God; than take a million dollars from the devil. Every time I feel like giving up, God gives me a sign to tell me I’m almost there and let’s me know that I can and I will. Everyone has there strengths and weaknesses, I know mine, do you know yours? We are meant to be paired up because where one is weak the other is strong. My ailments keep me from doing many things, and I know if God didn’t bless me with someone who is strong at where I am weak I would not be where I am and I would not be able to be closer to my dream. If people only knew how much pain I’m in every day and how much I am thankful. As I sat here writing this, I just got awesome news that a situation is going to work out, everything will be ok. God is Good all the time, I came to tears just now because it’s just so amazing; the feeling of hope, & faith.
-Morning Testimony
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Posted by on January 10, 2014 in Believe, Faith, God, Hope


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