Struggle into Blessing

10 Jan

Dear Jesus

I thank u 4 all u have given me but mostly I thank you 4 all that u have NOT given me & all the trials & hardship I have gone threw that made me ME!

I just can’t do this anymore. Holding all the pain, tears, and anger in.. I can’t breathe and I need an escape. (How I’m feeling) Honestly I’ve felt like this all my life. Depression & Anxiety to Fibromyalgia= a whole lot of BS that I can’t control. And people just think you’re being lazy or being a baby or lying about how you feel. They say if they can do it you can, but this pain you can never compare. The sadness takes so much of your joy. Just pray they say… How do they think I’ve made it this far? God is the only reason I know why I keep trying and haven’t gave up. My God is the only reason i still breathe. No one knows my full story and what they do know, they judge it as if my struggle was nothing; as if my struggle is nothing.

look to the heart, not the mind, and God will always tell you what your next step is.

Sit with me, Jesus, and calm me down.
Steady my nerves, remove my frown.



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Posted by on January 10, 2014 in Prayer


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