He Listens

10 Jan

On those sleepless nights, remember that you are awake for a reason.  Your Father is speaking to you … Listen.

life comes with many blessing’s we only have to slow down enough to realize their there.

Your life has been blessed
if you never had less than what you needed and you have pulled through when it looked like you wouldn’t.

Just because God hasn’t answered your prayers doesn’t mean the prayers are being ignored. It just means that God has something else waiting for you…

It feels so good to sit in a quiet room and speak to The Lord. You realize that He is the main one; the only one you should have been talking to in the first place. With Him anything is possible, He knows my heart, my soul and my pain. With Him I make it thru my days. I have to remind myself I am never truly alone because God is always watching over me. Even though I go thru crying times He knows its not me giving up; He knows I’m not perfect and I just need his help sometimes to find my strength again. He is right there beside me waiting for me to smile again. He makes those thoughts that the devil shouts at me disappear. God whispers softy in my ear; my child this too shall pass, today is not the end, and today you will rise again.
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Posted by on January 10, 2014 in God, Kingdom of Most High, Prayer



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