Cried Today

10 Jan

I started to cry this morning

sitting naked bare in a chair

at my computer

the tears flowed from my eyes

down my cheeks

one tear rolled down my right breast

all the burdens from everyone else, mess is giving me stress

i reached my breaking point

this morning i cried

no one has asked to take on my beast of burdens

but some how i seem to still be able to make a smile

i started to cry this morning

cause no one knows my life

they only know what they see

and please believe what you see is not peaches n’ cream

to make it thru my days i live inside my dreams

but my dreams even torture me

i was crying this morning

tears that i had been holding back

started to flow about round nine

if you care im fine

at least thats what my mouth will say

and no one will force it out of me

because they don’t want my pain

now i sit and wait for the next person to call and tell me whats going on with them

and i try and make them feel better and before you know it

i will be back at my computer writing my burdens crying again.


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Posted by on January 10, 2014 in Poem


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